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Event & Finger Food Catering Menu

Satay Beef or Chicken or Falafel
100 grams of Beef or Chicken or Falafel served with Adam’s Amazing Satay Sauce.

Satay ‘In-A-Wrap’
Your choice of Satay combined with Organic lettuce, tomato and red onion and wrapped in freshly baked Lebanese flatbread topped with Satay sauce.

Spring Rolls
Handmade Pork and vegetable OR Vegetarian spring rolls.

“Giant” Dim-Sims
Larger than Life Handmade Pork and vegetable Dim-Sims, steamed or fried and served with Satay sauce or your choice of Asian condiments.

Tasting Plate
A combination plate including A Satay of your choice, a spring roll of your choice, a “Giant” dim-sim ( steamed or fried), a piece of sliced flatbread and a side serve of Organic salad….WOW!

Satays on Rice
Satays of your choice served on a bed of steamed rice covered in Adam’s Amazing Satay Sauce.

Fried Rice
Rice that has a combination of ingredients including vegetables and with or without the inclusion of Chicken, Smokey Bacon and Egg. All cooked on the Barbecue with awesome sauces to provide a delicious flavoursome fried rice.


We look forward to sharing our business with you in the future. For catering bookings and enquiries, please call Adam on 0416181771. Using your mobile phone? then Tap to Call 0416181771.

Alternatively please send us a message on the Catering Enquiries page and we will reply as soon as possible.


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